Raw beauty Officially accredited Cruelty Free

Our team at raw beauty naturally are super excited to now be officially accredited as cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free Ltd (CCF).
Our raw beauty naturally customers can enjoy our products with the confidence that they are supporting the movement against cruelty to animals caused through cosmetic testing. It’s a cause we are so passionate about and so we are very pleased to be officially part of the CFF community.

What are Animal Safety Tests?

Animal safety tests are where a group of animals are subjected to a substance over a period time, where they receive no pain relief as it could alter the test results. Tests include oral, skin application and inhalation exposure to a substance over number of days or weeks.
Animals involved in these tests are always killed by the effects of the substance, dosing accidents or at end of the procedure (source- Choose Cruelty Free).
Current Status of Animal Testing in Australia

In our April 2017 blog “Animals suffering in the name of beauty” we were celebrating the progressive move by Government in stepping in and saying they would officially ban cosmetic animal testing in Australia in July 2017.

Before the last Federal election the Coalition Government pledged that if re-elected it would legislate to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals in July 2017. Well the Coalition produced their legislation (Industrial Chemicals Bill 2017) but unfortunately it wasn’t what was promised. The proposed legislation would not ban the sale of animal tested cosmetics in Australia and the enforcement date was deferred to July 2018.

Within the proposed bill there is only a small section relating to animal testing of cosmetics. It does prohibit the use of new animal test data for ingredients used solely in cosmetics, however if an ingredient is claimed to have a multi end use in both cosmetics and other non-cosmetics applications, animal test data is permitted to support the application for introduction as a cosmetic ingredient. This loop-hole would allow an importer of these ingredients to simply register for multi end use even though they only intend to use it in cosmetics.

CCF & other animal rights groups continue to fight hard to bring Australia into line with the growing number of countries that have banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

Raw beauty ethos.

Raw beauty skincare products have been specifically designed as vegan and cruelty-free. We are strongly opposed to animal testing. Rats, mice, guinea pigs and other animals have been subjected to cruel animal tests for the sake of cosmetics, household and cleaning products for far too long. Our products are Australian made. We chose not to sell our products in those countries where animal testing is mandated.


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