I can’t get enough of this on my skin….

Lilly Pilly is revered for its brilliant skin-rejuvenating properties.

It contains a high content of Vitamin C & fruit acids making it an excellent promoter of the production of collagen & elastin in the skin. This works to visibly firm & brighten its overall appearance of the skin.

We have harnessed these amazing skin benefits in our raw beauty Body Butter. Our Lilly Pilly Body Butter contains certified organic Lilly Pilly and Kakadu Plum extracts. These have been beautifully combined with coconut and olive oil and natural lemon myrtle essential oil.

It feels and smells amazing on the body.

So what exactly is Lilly Pilly

Lilly Pilly is a bush native shrub with small exotic vibrant fruits ranging from brilliant pink to a reddish-brown in colour. It is grown extensively throughout Australia. In fact, native Aborigines traditionally used Lilly Pilly for its great healing and anti bacterial properties.

Edible Skin Food

Lilly Pilly fruits are edible. They are roughly globular in shape with a soft violet pink kissed skin. Its texture is more like that of a pear than a berry. The flavour has the essence of apples and pears with a starch-like slight tart and metallic finish. Native aboriginals ate the berries for its high content of Vitamin C.

Lilly Pilly is very commonly used today in jams. So you can eat the berries for internal health whilst also feeding the skin with its high Vitamin C & antioxidant content when you moisturise with Lilly pilly daily. Skin after all is the largest organ of the body and absorbs what is applied to it.

So in summary this magic natural berry has the following benefits-

  • Improves firmness of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Is Anti-aging
  • Is Anti-inflammatory
  • Brightens the skin
  • Promotes regenerative capacity of cells.
  • Protects skin from oxidative stress and ageing.
  • Improves collagen production.
  • Provides protection against the adverse effects of UVB radiation.