Why Vegan Skincare?

I was recently asked why a non- vegan would or should be motivated to buy vegan skincare. I thought this was a great question as there may be others wondering the same thing.

I’ve heard many say that they aspire to the vegan way of life but for a range of reasons whether it be dietary or even simply their love of cheese! they find it very difficult to convert to veganism. Well the good news is that locating and choosing vegan & cruelty-free skincare products is a much easier step then changing your diet and there are now many great options available.

So why is vegan skincare better?

Vegan skincare such as the rawbeauty naturally range contain natural plant extracts, antioxidants and essential oils harnessed from the earth.
We tend to feel healthier and more vibrant eating raw, unprocessed, natural foods so why wouldn’t the same be said for our skin, where natural and toxic free skincare products result in your skin feeling great? The omission of irritants also makes Vegan skincare ideal for sensitive skin types as it’s more pure and gentler on the skin.

Vegan skincare & cosmetics abide by the same rules as a vegan diet which means animals have absolutely no connection to what you’re buying or using.

By its very nature, vegan skin care is cruelty free in its production as animals were not harmed in sourcing the ingredients. For example rawbeauty strawberry lip balm contains fruit wax rather than bees wax as a core ingredient.

However you cannot assume that vegan products are in fact cruelty-free as they may have been tested on animals or sold to a country where animal testing is a requirement. The best way to check if your products are cruelty free is to check the Certified cruelty -free products list at choose cruelty free. Raw beauty naturally is on this list.

Vegan skincare ingredients tend to be minimal and natural and free of the harmful preservatives and chemicals typically contained in many mainstream products.

Raw beauty skincare doesn’t contain any of these nasties.

You might be surprised just how many animal products can be found in mainstream cosmetics.

Examples of animal derived ingredients commonly used in skincare products include:-

  • Gelatine (the boiled skin, tendons, ligaments and bones of animals)
  • Lanolin (the excretion from wool-bearing mammals)
  • Collagen (a fibrous protein from animal tissue)
  • Retinol (almost always derived from an animal), and
  • Estrogen (obtained by extracting urine from pregnant horses)

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They don’t sound very appealing, do they?

Vegan skincare beautifies your skin, without hurting our furry friends. ? Now thats a shopping choice to feel good about!