Why we use potent Australian native extracts in our range

Our natural, vegan, Raw Beauty Australian skin care range is infused with potent Australian native extracts.

The scientific results speak for themselves. * The impressive skin benefits are summarised below.

Lilly Pilly – anti-ageing properties

Scientific studies have shown that Lilly Pilly has potent anti-aging activity and stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin reducing lines and wrinkles. Lilly Pilly contains high vitamin C levels and fruit acids that improves the firmness of the skin, helping it look radiant and youthful.

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Kakadu Plum – powerful anti-oxidant

Studies show that Kakadu Plum has extraordinarily high vitamin C content, with over 3000mg of vitamin C per 100g of fruit compared to 50mg/100g found in oranges. This makes it a powerful anti-oxidant supporting the production of collagen, helping to repair skin cells and prevent wrinkles or facial lines. It also helps to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

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Waratah- collagen improvement

Waratah has been found to add to the smoothness of skin. It builds protein moisture in the skin and has been shown to assist in anti-ageing and the improvement of collagen production.

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Elderflower-potent anti-wrinkle activity

Research has revealed that elderflower has strong anti-oxidant, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory properties. It has beautifying properties and has even been found to reduce DNA damage. It is also an active treatment for Psoriasis.

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Wattle seed- rejuvenates skin

Wattle seed has high levels of amino acids (proteins) which promotes youthful looking skin. Its anti-ageing properties rejuvenate and hydrate the skin (See more at – http://www.eherb.com/article/1332/wattle-seeds–health-benefits/.)

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* Using chromatography and other techniques, Southern Cross University has performed testing which revealed the amazing nature of the bio-actives compounds contained within the above extracts. See more at http://www.nativeextracts.com/)