5 Ways to Smile More

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Smiling makes us feel amazing, it boosts our mood and lifts the spirits of those around us. But smiling also has numerous health benefits including: –

That’s even more reasons to have smiles for you, your loved ones and those around you.

So here’s 5 ways to help you feel great and to smile more-

  1. Watch the clouds float by

When was the last time you sat or laid down on the grass and looked up at the sky and watched the clouds slowly drift by?.  Clouds can take shapes resembling animals and other familiar things and it’s so much fun using your imagination to name them. It’s also very relaxing & mediative as it really clears the mind. Rekindle your childhood spirit and watch the clouds float by-its sure to bring a smile to your face.

2. Petting your favourite furry friend

Pets are so cute and such good company but did you know they are also great for your health? Stroking your cat or dog can lower your blood pressure and make you feel calmer. Even watching fish can ease stress & be relaxing.

Playing with your pet increases the levels of the feel-good chemical’s serotonin and dopamine in your brain. 

Don’t have a pet? Ask a stranger if you can pet their cute dog on your next walk.

3. Give someone a 20 second hug

Have you noticed that hugs make you feel happier? Research has shown that a good hug (that lasts at least 20 seconds) is the fastest way to get oxytocin flowing in your body. Oxytocin, also known as the “love drug”, calms your nervous system and boosts positive emotions. Oxytocin lowers your blood pressure & cortisol (the stress hormone), this lowers anxiety and helps get a quality night sleep.

4. Make time for you

Take some time for you, this will recharge your batteries. You could have a massage, take time out to read a book or listen to your favourite music. Physical activity boosts endorphins, stabilises your mood and helps you sleep better. So do a gym workout , yoga or go for a nature walk. Better still, you could indulge in a home spa or simply treat your body everyday to beautiful natural skin care products. rawbeauty naturally skincare helps you to incorporate pampering in to your everyday personal care treating your body and soul.

5. Laugh it off

A good belly laughs or even a giggle not only lightens your mood but has also been found to increase your immunity. Studies have shown that a good laugh stimulates your heart and lung muscles, boosts circulation, aids in relaxation and releases endorphins.

Look for opportunities to laugh, watch your favourite comedy movies or TV series, share a joke, recall funny situations or you could even try a fun innocent prank. 

So I hope you are inspired to look for ways each and everyday to smile more. 🙂 What other things make you smile? Leave a comment below.

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