Detox Water-Drink Your Way To Gorgeous Skin!

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What if you could drink your way to gorgeous skin?

Well of course what we eat and put on our skin is critical to healthy glowing skin, but detox water is the perfect way to: –

  • flush out toxins, 
  • get necessary nutrients,
  • flush out toxins and
  • keep your cells & skin hydrated. 

Your liver and kidneys remove impurities and flushing these organs stimulates them and kickstarts the digestive system. 

Plain water can be pretty boring, so adding some tasty fruits, herbs and vegetables can make it much more exciting and appetizing to drink, resulting in you drinking even more water. This helps with flushing out your organs. And it doesn’t add many calories at all. 

Here are a few great combos you could try that focus on skin-enhancing ingredients. Just mix them up in the morning, add water throughout the day and enjoy! 

And if you can leave overnight in the fridge, they are even tastier!

  • Ginger – effective in keeping skin beautiful and glowing by reducing inflammation and keeping skin hydrated.
  • Citrus fruits – High in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, which help to fight free radicals..
  • Watermelon – helps to flush the body of toxins and is full of anti-oxidants 
  • Mint – Mint is rich in anti-oxidants and flavonoids. Also known for soothing and healing inflammation.
  • Strawberry – rich in ellagic acid, folate, and vitamin C. Helps to protect the skin against UV damage.
  • Apple – helps to cleanse and soften the skin by renewing skin cells.
  • Cucumber – very hydrating and full of vitamin C & antioxidants.
  • Pineapple – Loaded with vitamin C, it helps to defend skin against free radicals. Vitamin C also helps the body produce collagen. 

Here is my my favourite detox water recipe- even the kids love it and it’s a   “powerhouse of nutrients

Strawberry, Cucumber, Lemon, lime, ginger and mint detox water

Combine the following, chill then drink! –

  • 12 cups of filtered water
  • 1 medium cucumber sliced
  • Thinly sliced 2-3 small lemons & / or limes
  • 6 chopped strawberries
  • 10-12 organic mint leaves
  • Ginger taste (I love ginger, so I add lots!)

Whilst cleansing & nourishing your skin from the inside remember to also use natural skin care products that are made with all-natural ingredients like rawbeauty naturally to have healthy, glowing and radiant skin naturally.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted at 09:53h, 07 February Reply

    Love this post ❤️ Great recipe ideas

  • Deborah Engelmajer
    Posted at 22:31h, 10 February Reply

    Love this! I make it in a liter bottle and leave it on my desk all day – looks pretty, tastes good and makes me want to drink more water!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 22:32h, 10 February Reply

    Thanks for the tips, never thought of adding strawberries!

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