Skin Beauty Benefits of Coconut oil

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Coconut Oil is rich with powerful antioxidants a& vitamins including vitamins E and K.  Coconut oil has been shown to help rejuvenate skin cells, reduce inflammation & replenish moisture loss. 

 In fact  Studies show that coconut oil—which is extracted from mature coconuts—may improve skin barrier function and repair, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, fight the signs of skin ageing, (2018 review of research published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences).

That means that coconut oil may help accelerate wound healing due to its antimicrobial properties that can help protect against harmful microorganisms.

At rawbeauty we love coconut oil and have harnessed the amazing skin benefits of coconut oil in our rawbeauty Waratah & Wattle Seed Body Scrub, Pure Cleansing Bar & Strawberry Lip Balm. Each  of these beautiful effective products utilise coconut oil in their blends. Our natural crafted blends of native extracts and pure oils moisturise and enhance the complexion for a healthy-looking skin.

 Here are 5 ways you can use coconut oil to beautify your skin-

  1. Luscious Lips

Coconut oil could well be the answer to soft, luscious lips! It is an ideal lip moisturiser and thanks to its high Vitamin E content, it guards lips from cracking. Cracked lips are uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Applying chemical-laden lip balms & gel to the lips can mean you and your precious family are consuming  toxic chemicals. Instead apply coconut oil directly onto your lips as desired or reach for a natural, vegan lip balm that contains coconut oil like our Strawberry Lip Balm.

Our lip balm is a natural, strawberry blend of rich soothing fruit & coconut oils & cocoa shea butter which nourish your lips leaving them soothed and moisturised. It is Vegan & free of nut oils making it beneficial for those with nut allergies or sensitivities.

2. Skin Softener & Moisturiser

Coconut oil is a very effective moisturiser. It is also a great treatment for dry skin and eczema. Coconut Oil is known for reducing moisture loss through the pores due to its natural composition of saturated fat. 

Coconut oil is a also great skin softener. It helps combat dry skin helps your skin appear healthy and smooth.

Rub coconut oil into your skin once or twice daily to protect, sooth and add moisturise to your skin.

3. Exfoliant -Lip & Body 

Combining coconut oil with  exfoliating or grainy materials like sugar or salt makes a very effective exfoliant. It effectively removes excess dead skin and cleans out the dirt and bacteria that block the pores, without leaving the skin feeling irritated.

Harness the nourishing benefits of coconut oil by using it as a base for your lip and body scrub.

You can make a scrub yourself with ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Its inexpensive and blissfully absent of nasty chemicals.

Combine coarse sugar with a teaspoon of coconut oil for a chapped-lip fix. For a whole body combine 1 cup sugar with 1/2 cup coconut oil. 

Alternatively use a natural body scrub that utilizes coconut oil in its base. 

Our Waratah & Wattle Seed Sugar Body Scrub is a natural lavish sugar body scrub which exfoliates your skin leaving it glowing, healthy and renewed. It’s a  delicious blend of organic sucrose, olive fruit, coconut, avocado & jojoba oils, combined with wild harvested waratah and raw wattle seed.

It has an amazing earthy, raw, refreshing texture which feels amazing on your skin. Treat your skin today.

Its also perfect for use as a lip scrub. 

Have you checked out the video tutorial on lip scrubs to avoid dry chipped lips by Natural / organic makeup artist – Sarah Ryan. Click here to view it.

4. Healing Balm

Coconut Oil protects the skin from microbial infections and it may help to heal wounds and cuts faster. The rejuvenating properties of the proteins found in organic Coconut Oil may also help the replacement of damaged skin cells. 

Coconut oil can  be used as part of the  natural treatment plan for eczema. One study found that eczema patients (specifically those suffering from atopic dermatitis) who applied virgin coconut oil to the skin twice a day experienced a reduction in staph bacteria on the skin, dryness, abrasions, redness, and thickening of the skin due to scratching. 

Apply a light layer of coconut oil to the affected area twice a day to help soothe eczema & psoriasis. 

5. Anti- ageing Serum

Coconut Oil has superior anti-aging skin benefits.  Its antioxidant properties are known to prevent premature ageing. It’s a powerful emollient which softens and smooths your skin leaving skin looking younger as fine lines don’t form as easily and wrinkles appear less obvious. It also gently stimulates blood supply and collagen production.

The simplest way to use coconut oil to fight wrinkles is to massage a small amount onto the areas of concern nightly. Leave it on overnight and you should wake up glowing!

Apply coconut oil directly to the skin as required.


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