How to remedy dry flaky skin on your body

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Is your skin soft, smooth & hydrated or rough, dry and flaky? 

Does the appearance of your skin ever make you feel self-conscious and maybe even stop you wearing your favourite party dress? 

At rawbeauty naturally we want you to love the skin you’re in & feel confident to wear whatever you want when you want!

So, we’ve got a few tips to help you tackle the symptoms and get your dry skin looking and feeling healthy again.

Here’s to being “your best version of you” 😊

7 Natural remedies for beating dry, scaly skin

1. Gently Exfoliate Dry, Flaky Skin 

Renew dry skin by removing dry, damaged skin cells through exfoliation with a scrub. This is beneficial for removing dry or dull skin, increasing blood circulation, and brightening and improving your skin’s appearance. As well as restoring a natural glow to your skin it allows it to better absorb moisture. 

We recommend a sugar body scrub. 

Why? Well, sugar is a natural, gentle abrasive which helps to remove dead skin cells and restore and refresh tired skin. Sugar has rounder granules which are generally gentler than other options such as salt, which can cause microscopic tears in the skin. Sugar scrubs are therefore better for sensitive skin and can be used more often.

And its why we have used organic sucrose as the base of our natural, vegan & certified cruelty-free body scrub.

Our waratah & wattle seed sugar scrub also contains a combination of Olive Fruit, Coconut, Avocado and Jojoba Seed Oil, with Wattle Seed, Waratah Leaf Extract with the subtle 100% natural mild scent of Lemon Myrtle. It is a skin sensation! If you don’t believe us it just won a “finalist” award in the beauty shortlist 2019 awards. It retails at just $24.95 and you can check it out here.

We recommend not exfoliating more than once a week until your skin is healed and healthy again or you may trigger even more irritation and dryness.

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2. Moisturize & Protect Dry Skin

Your dry, flaky skin needs extra nourishment and protection. Soothe & enliven your skin with a boost of moisture to help heal dry skin replacing lost moisture. This will help seal in moisture to support and protect the skin’s natural renewal cycle helping to heal dry skin. 

Its important to look at the ingredients in your products to ensure they will nourish and benefit your skin, rather than containing harmful chemicals which could irritate or damage. Natural Vegan products are always a safer and healthier option for your skin.

It’s time to reach for products with more intense moisturising qualities.  Heavier creams like a body butter will create a barrier between the elements and your skin, locking in the moisture. 

They provide intense moisture whilst also forming a protective barrier on the skin, so they are especially helpful during dry or cold weather. To enliven dry skin try our Lilly Pilly body butter. It is a beautiful rich blend of certified organic Lilly Pilly & Kakadu Plum extracts with coconut & olive fruit oils. The addition of pure lemon myrtle leaf oil refreshes your senses whilst also having antibacterial benefits which assist in tightening pores and bringing relief to irritated and sensitive skin.

It’s best to apply moisturiser straight after you shower, when the skin is still damp as this will allow it to penetrate a lot quicker and better.

3. Avoid harsh soaps & synthetic body washes 

Many commercial soaps and body products contain harmful irritants including synthetic fragrances & preservatives. One ingredient you’ll really want to avoid is synthetic fragrance. Fragrance chemicals are irritating to skin & harmful to your health so are best avoided.

Nasty chemicals aggravate dry, sensitive skin & strip the skin of moisture making dry skin look even worse.  Instead reach for pure, natural, gentler products.

Use a gentle, moisturising soap or body wash like our Elderflower & Lemon myrtle body wash or our saponified pure cleansing bar for washing & shaving. We recommend not shaving legs with water and regular soap.  

Did you know that shaving is one of the most common causes for very dry skin on your legs? Shaving your legs removes natural oils that keep the skin soft and hydrated. 

4. Showering with overly hot water

Showering & bathing is essential for removing dirt & bacteria from the skin, but if the temperature of the water is too hot it can actually strip your skins natural, protective oils.

A good way to gauge whether the temperature is right, is to ask yourself would it would be suitable for a baby, if not then it’s not right for you either. 

5. Hydration

Dehydration will make your skin dry. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin will be one of the first organs to suffer. Dehydration will quickly cause dry, scaly skin, as well as a number of other health problems. Therefore, its essential to drink plenty of water every day so that you can protect your skin and your overall health too. There are many different opinions on how much water you should drink every day, but the general consensus is approximately 2 litres of water daily. 

6. Diet

For optimum skin health make sure your diet has an adequate amount of three major nutrients: vitamin E, vitamin A, and omega-3 fatty acids. Good sources of these nutrients include sardines, anchovies, salmon, almonds, olive oil, carrots and kale.

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7. Protect your skin from the cold 

Have you ever noticed that your skin is drier in winter? This is because as the air gets cold, the air is much drier and this leaches moisture from your skin, leaving your skin dry and cracked. 

To help protect your skin from the cold try running a humidifier in your home to add moisture to dry air. Also cover up and wear protective clothing like stockings, pants and scarf to keep your skin warm and protected.

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