How Going Natural Helped Sylvia Beat Cancer

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Just wanting to share a little inspiration with you today 🤩

 We receive many amazing testimonials from our beautiful customers and VIP members just like you  & are so grateful for the great feedback.

It  brings a huge smile to my face and inspires me to continue down the rawbeauty path!  So thank-you!🙏  x

However, the other day I received a very special email from one of our customers -Sylvia who shared a very inspirational story. One that is very close to my heart and aligned with my mission to inspire others to lead a toxic free, natural life. 😀

Sylvia said” I am in my middle 70,s and still like to keep ALL of me as healthy as possible with natural products because of past breast cancer” . 

I love so much that Sylvia is keeping ALL of her healthy and avoiding nasty toxins is a way of life for her now. 🌿

Given that Sylvia had overcome cancer I was so intrigued to hear her full story & she kindly agreed to share it not only with me but also with you as a member of the rawbeauty community.

I hope you find it inspirational & that it motivates you to continue looking closely at the ingredients in your beauty products & food to minimise your exposure to dangerous toxins. As this is the path to a healthier & likely longer  life.

So here is Sylvia’s story:

“In March 2013, I underwent a left breast mastectomy and post op was advised I was estrogen receptive positive.  So in order to avoid a reoccurrence in my right breast, I was handed tablets that I was told I needed to take on a daily basis for the next 5 years. But 3 months down the track I started to experience just about every side effect listed on the pamphlet inside the pill box”.

“I started juicing, and using everything that was as natural as possible on my body.  That included very pure essential oils, all natural makeup and hair and body products. I  became very conscious about what I ate and drank and now 6 years later,  following regular yearly mammograms, I am considered cancer free. “

Sylvia attributes her choice for natural products and avoiding toxins as a significant contributor to her recovery from cancer. So following a healthy lifestyle can be life changing.

Is that inspirational or what! 👏👏

Its worth having a think about whether you may be still using any mainstream commercial beauty products. For your healths sake its worth taking some time out to check the ingredients of the products that you are using to make sure you are not applying dangerous, toxic ingredients onto your skin – ingredients that could linked to birth defects, developmental and reproductive issues and cancer! 

I know you’ve likely heard it many times but what you put on your body is just as significant as what you put in your body.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs between 60% to 100% of the products that you put on it. And it only takes 26 seconds for cosmetics to be absorbed into the skin.

If you’d like  little helping hand in taking a positive Step towards SAFE Skincare, Non- Toxic Living & Honouring Your Body check out our Free Starter Guide to Eliminating Toxins In Your Skincare.  It can help you start today. If you’ve not down loadaed your FREE copy yet click here to get your copy.

Did you know that Raw beauty naturally’ s philosophy is to use only the purest, most natural ingredients so that our skincare range is formulated free of nasties, these toxins are never used in making any of our products. 💚💚💚

Our range was inspired by the desire for safe, natural products suitable for the whole family including young children; products that were natural, free of nasty toxins, free of nut oils and animal friendly. 🐰🐷 🐹

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If you’d like to share your story, feedback or a testimonial, we would LOVE to hear from you, just comment below 😊