Is Spring playing havoc with your skin?

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Spring signals the end of cold dreary winter days & and the time for blossoming flowers,🌸 leaves growing 🌿 and the sun shining 🌞!  Whats not to love.

Yet the arrival of this beautiful season also heralds changes in environment factors that can play  havoc on your skin and trigger a range of common skin problems.

So what are the triggers?

Have you noticed that spring typically has an unstable climate, the weather can swing suddenly between cool and hot and humid. As the weather gets warmer, humidity increases and your skin has to adjust to the warmer weather conditions.

This may lead to a higher rate of oil (sebum) production by your skin’s sebaceous glands. As sebum flood‘s the skin’s surface it combines with sweat, and can leave your skin feeling uncomfortable with a shiny appearance.

The first burst of sun exposure brings UV radiation and sunburn. As the suns warmth is commonly accompanied with chilly winds you may be less aware of the suns force and therefore be using less sun protection.  This can result in sun burn and skin damage.

Winds also tend to stirrup more dust. This combined with smoke in the air form recent bush fires can have a very drying effect on the skin

Spring may also be the time of the year when you notice that oiliness, acne problems, or even allergies surface due to increased humidity. 

The blossoming flowers can contribute to making the skin extra sensitive and prone to dermatitis, flare ups or skin eruptions.

We therefore need extra care and protection to keep skin radiant and glowing this Spring.

So here are a few tips to stay Skin Happy this Spring:

Exfoliate for glowing skin

Spring calls for stripping back the layers to reveal bare skin. 🏄🏻‍♀️ With months of cold weather, low humidity and indoor heating, your skin has been under serious assault and maybe looking dry, cracked and flaky.

While we generate, on average, a new layer of skin every two to four weeks, for radiant glowing skin, it is important to speed up this natural shedding process. The best way to exfoliate skin is to give yourself a full-body exfoliation using a strong but gentle scrub, like our award winning 🥈🥈🥈rawbeauty naturally Waratah & Wattle Seed Sugar Scrub. Use all over your body, especially those spots that are prone to rough patches – knees, elbows, feet, hands and back.

Always follow with good natural moisturizer to nourish your fresh skin!

Hydrate Yourself

While winter had you slathering thick, heavy moisturizer from head to toe, the same products can start to leave a greasy layer on your skin as the days grow warmer. 

As part of your spring skin care routine, choose a lighter lotion to keep your skin healthy and hydrated without weighing it down. Our award winning 🏆 🏆 🏆rawbeauty naturally Kakadu Plum Body Lotion is a light, non-greasy option.

Your organs need hydration to function, and your skin is your body’s largest organ. The more water you drink, 🥤 the easier it will be to keep your skin from getting dry and flaky.

Don’t forget Sun Protection

Sunscreen isn’t just for those days at the beach. Even overcast days can still send harmful UV rays down to attack your skin. Defend it! Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days, to protect your skin from sun damage. 🌞

Spring clean your labels

Skip the toxins! ❌ We suggest that you check the labels on your products for toxin ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, parabens and sulphates and give your products a spring clean! Your precious skin is constantly exposed to any harsh, toxic chemical ingredients they may contain. Always be sure to read labels and seek out natural alternatives.